built-in bonding complex for healthy hair

Polycare Split

significantly reduces damage to the hair cuticle during lightening services


Protects hair from the excessive damage caused by hair bleaching.

Specialized Seaweed (Ormagel™)

Not used in any other bleaching product; helps protect the scalp against irritation caused by chemical alkalis or oxidants.

the 1st powder bleach to combine these 3 unique ingredients

No Animal Testing
Gluten Free

how to use

  1. In a non-metallic bowl, mix 1:1 - 1:2 (powder lightener:developer)

    a. For on-scalp: use 5 – 20 vol developer

    b. for in-foil: use 5 – 30 vol developer

    c. for hand-painting techniques: use 5 – 40 vol developer
  2. Apply immediately after mixing to dry hair. For optimal results, apply the proper amount and distribute evenly. Avoid overlapping application to previously lightened hair.
  3. Process at room temperature for up to 50 minutes.  Do not use heat to reduce the processing time.
  4. Thoroughly rinse and shampoo hair after development time.


How many hair color levels does it lift?
With Danger Jones Powder Lightener you can achieve 9+ levels of lift.
Why is the powder blue?
The cool tone of the blue powder helps to minimize & neutralize brassiness when lifting.
Does it need to be mixed with developer?
Do I need to pre-lighten hair to apply Danger Jones colors?
For the most vibrant color results, we recommend pre-lightening (bleaching) the hair before applying our semi-permanent colors. Use the color chart on the back of the packaging to help you decide how light to bleach for maximum vibrancy and what colors look best on different hair color levels.  Be sure to fully shampoo and rinse out all the bleach.  Any residue left in the hair will compromise your color results.
Do I need to use Danger Jones Deluxe Cream Developers?
Yes, to get the best results mix with our Deluxe Cream Developers.
What volumes of developers do you make?
We make developers in 5, 10, 20, 30 & 40 volumes to give a wide range for artists to use.
What's the recommended mixing ratio?
We recommend mixing 1:1 - 1:2 (lightener:developer) depending on which application is used and the artist's best formulation assessment.
Can I use your lightener for various application techniques?
Yes, you can use our lightener for on-scalp, in-foil, and for hair-painting techniques. It’s a very versatile formula.
What’s different about your lightener from other lighteners?
Danger Jones Powder Lightener is the first powder bleach to combine these 3 unique ingredients: Arginine, Polycare Split™, and specialized seaweed.
What does the Polycare Split™, Arginine, and specialized seaweed do for the hair?
The Polycare Split™ significantly reduces damage to the hair cuticle during the lightening service, Arginine helps protect the hair from excessive damage caused by hair bleaching, and the specialized seaweed helps protect the scalp against irritation caused by chemical alkalis or oxidants.
Will the specialized seaweed turn the hair green?
What’s the Bonding Complex in your lightener?
The combination of Polycare Split™ and Arginine create the bonding complex within our lightener.
I know your lightener has a bonding complex to it, but can I add an additional liquid bond builder to it?
Yes, you can add an additional liquid bond builder to our lightener. Follow the mixing instructions of the bond builder.
Can I use any type of color bowl to mix and apply your lightener?
Yes, you can use any type of professional color bowl as long as it’s not metal. Metallic bowls can cause a negative chemical reaction.
What's the processing time?
Process at room temperature for up to 50 minutes without heat.
Does the hair need to be dry before applying?
Generally speaking, lightener is best applied on clean, dry hair. However, there are times when a stylist might want to apply on damp hair for specific color correcting purposes.
Do I need to shampoo after the lightener is processed?
Yes, always. We recommend shampooing and thoroughly rinsing at least twice after every lightening service to be certain all residue is removed from the hair.
Any lightener application tips?
Yes, apply lightener only to the areas you wish to bleach and avoid overlapping any previously lightened hair. Overlapping your application can cause hair damage due to overprocessing.
Anything else I should know about your lightener?
Our lightener is Gluten-free, Paraben-free, Vegan, and Cruelty-free.