Danger Jones is a creative brand.

What makes us different is our belief system and our set of values,
which are…

We Create Art, Not Commerce
Most companies create things for an audience, trying to appeal to their taste (that’s commerce), and that’s okay, but it’s not what Danger Jones does.  We try to create the best stuff possible, according to our taste (that’s art).  We believe that because we create stuff we love, others connect with it more deeply, they respect it, and value its authenticity.  Because our only goal is simply to create our version of what we think is amazing, we have no competitors.

Community Is the Most Important Thing We Create
We create hair color and fashion, but the most important thing we’re creating is the Danger Jones artist community.  We’re not just the creators of the community, we’re also proud members of the community. Why is community important?  Because it makes what we create better.  You see, over time, a meaningful collaboration occurs when the art we create inspires the art that members of our community create, and then the art they create becomes inspiration for us.  We also value community because if you’re an artist (like we are), you’re going to have to take risks, and this means you’re also going to fail from time to time.  It’s helpful to have people to rely on, to pick you back up, and give you support. But the main reason we create community is because we enjoy it, because it’s full of people that we choose to spend our time with.

Together We Can Disrupt the Status Quo (And We Believe It Needs to be Disrupted)
We are in the business of coming up with creative solutions to problems, and in the beauty industry there are many challenges to solve.  Many product companies have become detached from the artists they should be serving.  Most of the artists don’t even know who runs the companies in our industry.  They’re all fixated on cutting costs, but we’re far more focused on finding ways to add quality. 

Relationships Are More Important Than Business Transactions
We believe in having genuine relationships with our artist community, our distributors, our labs, our vendors, and our employees.  Ethics, integrity, and humanity are important to us.  We value people over profits.

We Believe the Glass is Half Full
Because it is.

Danger Jones was founded by David and Alexis Thurston.  They’ve assembled a team of badass collaborators who enjoy creating.  It’s not a job.  Danger Jones is our art project.  Want to know who is behind Danger Jones? Here’s a pic…