what makes our gloss toners different?


Our unique creamy consistency makes it easy to apply and control, without sacrificing the vibrancy and shine of the pigment. This consistency also makes blending two colors together seamless, without any hard lines, every single time. It also removes the worry of color dripping down into areas you don’t want it to.


All of our Gloss Toner colors have a bonder inside. This vegan plant-based bonder protects and strengthens the hair, and also reduces hair breakage.


Our conditioning formula doesn’t leave the hair dry and brittle like other liquid toners can. This also makes it easier to comb through the hair when applying, leaving a noticeably conditioned and light reflective finish.

zero lift, gloss toner with bonder

Vegan Keratin (bonder)

plant-derived protein. reduces hair breakage, protects, deep penetration for long-lasting strength

chia oil

protects color from fading, offers shine, and imparts a silky soft feel to hair

Apple Cider Vinegar

helps to regenerate hair’s natural shine. an ancient remedy for hair care and beauty and an old-school hair stylist trick.

No Animal Testing

uses & methods

Toning & shadow rooting

White/Grey hair blending

Color correction services

Canvas prep before semi-permanent color application

Adding shine & condition to natural hair or after a permanent color service

how to use

  1. In a non-metallic bowl, mix 1:1 (Gloss toner : gloss toner developer)
  2. apply to damp or dry hair
  3. Process at room temperature, 3-10 minutes.
  4. Fully rinse and shampoo out.


Are these colors acidic?
Yes, it’s a zero-lift formula with an acidic pH (averages at 6.7 pH).
Are the Gloss Toner colors progressive?
No. Our Gloss Toners are not progressive, meaning they won’t get darker if left on longer than the standard processing time.
Can I apply Gloss Toners on top of Danger Jones semi-permanent colors?
We don’t recommend it because it could compromise your semi-permanent color and longevity. It’s best to tone with our Gloss Toners first, then apply our semi-permanent colors.
Can I apply Gloss Toners after a permanent color service?
Yes, it’s the perfect way to add extra shine, tone, and condition to the hair after a permanent color service.
Can I mix Gloss Toner colors together to create a different tone?
Yes, you can mix any of our Gloss Toner colors together to make different tones and/or levels.
Can I mix the Gloss Toners 1:2 instead of the recommended 1:1 ratio?
Yes, you can mix as a 1:2 ratio (color:developer). However, keep in mind this will dilute the tonality and longevity.
Can I use a different developer with your Gloss Toners?
Our Gloss Toner Developer was designed to be specifically used with our Gloss Toner colors. We don’t recommend using another developer because it will change the consistency and may undermine the color results.
Will you be releasing more Gloss Toner colors?
Yes, in fact we’ve already formulated them. In September 2024 all 56 Gloss Toners will be available globally along with a color book.
Do I need to shampoo out the Gloss Toners?
Yes, since the Gloss Toners are oxidative, you shampoo them out.
Is resorcinol and/or PPD in the formula?
Yes, some of our colors (not all) have them in the formula. Our goal is to remove them from all colors and we’re working with our chemists to do that. We started with them in some colors because it makes the formula more stable with deposit, shine, depth, and tone. Once we’re comfortable those key things won’t be compromised by changing the formula, we’ll adjust to a full Gloss Toner line without those two ingredients.